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Why Is President Trump Pushing The Vaccine? Some Thoughts…

The top question I get in my email inbox is “why is President Trump pushing the vaccine?

I thought he was anti-vaccine?

Doesn’t he know vaccines are harmful?

It’s a great question, especially given President Trump’s longstanding history of being very critical and cautious about vaccines, even debating Dr. Ben Carson about it during the 2016 campaign if you remember that moment.

I admit, I am perplexed a bit myself.

A few weeks ago, my friend Daniel Lee made a video giving you his thoughts on what is going on and I thought it was absolutely excellent.

Then he made another one today that added even more thoughts.

Kudos to Daniel on these videos, and I think you will really enjoy them.

And here is the most recent one from today.

Look at that beautiful scenery in Tulsa!

Ok let me know what YOU think.

Love to get your thoughts after you watch.

Let me know if you think this makes sense…..

And also let me know if you personally will get the vaccine or have gotten the vaccine…..👇

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