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Police find missing 8-year-old girl’s body in bin bag inside Gran’s car

Connie Smith, 54, was arrested after the body of her missing granddaughter was found in a bin bag inside the car she was driving on the day the child went missing.

Police found the body of a missing 8-year-old girl inside a rubbish bag in her car after that a gran has been arrested.  when authorities discovered that the vehicle was the same one, she had been driving the day her granddaughter, Taryn Summers, disappeared then Connie Smith was endured into imprisonment.

Online reports T.S, Crime, body discovered is considered to be her granddaughter as court records leading to the victim. So far so good she has not been accused of murder. The 54-year-old from Idaho faces several charges that include failure to notify a death and the destruction, and concealment of evidence, alteration.

By claiming authorities say Smith placed the 911 call to report the 8-year-old missing and on the other hand she had run away. After detectives began their investigation, it seems they ask her about a section of carpet missing in the girl’s bedroom.

By all this grandmother claimed the girl had voided on it so that’s why she had cut the section out and burned it. Investigators have not released the name of the victim or the cause of death from April 15 a body was found in a black bin bag on the floor of a car which was smeared with vomit.

After there is no such evidence Prosecutors are supposed to have dropped the original first-degree murder charge against the 54-year-old.

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