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Presidential Historian Criticizes Melania Trump’s White House Rose Garden: “Evisceration By Previous Administration”

No one will soon forget the debacle that was former First Lady Melania Trump’s “revamping” of the White House Rose Garden. What was once a rainbow full of love, dedication, and history, now appears to match the woman’s dull, drab, uninspiring soul.

The complaints and criticism were plentiful in the days, weeks, and months after Melania’s big changes to the beloved garden, as Americans mourned what they felt was yet another precious thing in this nation destroyed by the Trump administration.

To make the big renovation that much worse, the changes didn’t even go over well. In a mere three weeks from the initial revamp, Melania’s new version of the Rose Garden had to undergo pretty extensive repairs, and some events even had to be relocated because of problems in the garden, connected to Melania’s redecorating debacle.

Of course, it’s been quite a while since Melania had her hand in turning the White House Rose Garden upside down, and many Americans have mostly forgotten about it all; moving on to bigger and worse things to hail from that God-awful administration.

However, some people just simply can’t get over what happened to such a beloved piece of American history.

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss took to Twitter with a photo he recently snapped of the White House Rose Garden, still in its colorless, almost depressing state.

“Photograph I took of the White House Rose Garden early last month, which shows its evisceration by previous administration last year,” he captioned the image.

Beschloss also posted a 2015 image of the garden, writing, “White House Rose Garden on this day in 2015, five years before its evisceration.”

When you see these images so close together, it’s suddenly so easy to see the extensive, sad changes that the garden underwent under Melania Trump’s cold hand.

At the end of the day, we know it’s just a garden. But it’s a historical garden that symbolizes so much deep history and dedication and love for this country. And it’s just simply sad to see that the Trump administration’s rot and death spread so far that it leeched into something as simple as a once beautiful garden.

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