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Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s ties to opioid crisis revealed by HBO ‘The Crime of the Century’ filmmaker

According to documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, America’s opioid crisis as bad as it continues to be was on the precipice of becoming much worse under the government of former President Donald Trump.

After following the “Going Clear” expose of Scientology described what he discovered when looking into how Big Pharma helped create a massive addiction problem it appearing on the Daily Beast’s “The New Abnormal” podcast with host Molly Jong-Fast, the man. Talking about his former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to the crisis.

“The Crime of the Century ” documentary for HBO, Gibbs brought up both Trump’s involvement. Tom Marino (R-PA) to head up the effort. Regarding Trump, he told the host about Trump’s initial choice of Rep. He revealed before noting that Marino withdrew his name after breaking reports that the act, he sponsored had limited the DEA.

“His [Trump’s] go-to guy [for drug czar] happened to be the guy who did more than anybody to eviscerate the DEA and his ability to go after these companies that were flooding America, the opioids, of course,” According to Gibney, the ultimate blame is with the drug companies with Giuliani having a hand in the difficulty. “Purdue gets its hand slapped, but doesn’t have to endure any real punishment in 2006 because of a deal cut mysteriously. And nobody knows exactly who cut that deal at the Department of justice.”

He stated. “But Rudy Giuliani was, was a part of it. And then it happens again in 2020 with this deal cut again at the Department of Justice where fines are paid, key facts are buried.”

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