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President Trump Just Delivered One Final Blow to CNN…They’re Done

Bye, bye CNN…

Well, it looks like CNN is done for.

I’m not sure how they’ll recover from this one…and we have President Trump to thank.

In an ironic twist of fate, Trump’s departure from the White House has caused the utter collapse – like a cheap house of cards – of America’s number one fake news channel.

We’ve known that CNN has been on the skids for a while now, but now we know the extent of the damage.

And it’s brutal.

CNN has now lost 47% of its prime-time audience in the biggest and best demographic, ages 25-54 since President Trump left office.

47%!! Almost half of their audience is gone. Unreal.

One of CNN’s biggest clowns, Brian Stelter is suffering most of all.

His already-unpopular show “Reliable Sources” is hemorrhaging viewers.

In addition, a report this week by Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP) showed that three of CNN’s primetime shows were the biggest ratings losers between November 30-December 4, when Trump was still in office, and March 1-5. Programs hosted by Chris Cuomo, Anderson Cooper, and Don Lemon posted declines in viewership of 29%, 32%, and 33% respectively between the two periods, VIP’s data showed.

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