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If you get this strain of COVID-19 you are 64% more likely to die

Researchers have discovered just how much more deadlier the COVID-19 strain from the UK is compared to pre-existing strains.

A new study has discovered how much more infectious the strain of COVID-19 is that first emerged in the United Kingdom.

The new study comes from researchers at the University of Exeter, and it compared data of nearly 55,000 pairs of COVID-19 positive participants that were found to be COVID-19 positive in the community rather than a hospital.

The team of researchers looked at data that was gathered between October and January and also followed the patients for 28 days.

The researchers found that those patients that were infected with the new COVID-19 strain dubbed B.1.1.7 were 64% more likely to die of the infection. Additionally, the researchers said that the new variant is particularly challenging for healthcare systems because it is more infectious and deadlier than strains of COVID-19 that are already circulating in the country for quite some time. If you are interested in reading more about this story,

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