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Lindell Hilariously Gets Conned Into Thinking Trump Has Called the FRANK-a-Thon

It seems Mike Lindell not at all having a good day. By FRANK-A-THON who started today, that is considered a having a hype the lunch of his website, links the best event. The main problem is that Frank speech but the issue is that he can’t get Frank speech to operate.

With this say he’s is trying to drag viewers, or attempting to drag them, to something that doesn’t exist. In this, all the funny thing is that all this seems like a grand opening at an ice cream parlor that hasn’t been built yet and there’s no ice cream in sight.

“They” are also trolling him. “They” had him believing that Donald Trump had called in. So far so good then Lindell’s apology for the difficulties with the site is that “hackers” and “they” are wrecking him.

That’s the thing that I think on a psychological level to it may be his last little bit of crack. But is hard to digest that his co-host, whoever the other guy is, doesn’t try to kick him beneath the table or pass a note saying, “sit up, you look ridiculous crouching over a cell phone.”

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