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Stray With Paralysis Slithered To Food When Woman Saw Him Suffering Alone

There is enough to deal with homeless animals. Finding adequate shelter, food, and clean water is difficult enough. Doing this is dangerous for a healthy stray dog, but imagine what it would be like for a paralyzed dog! It would be impossible.

But a dog, later called Kuya Bon, struggled to survive despite its handicap. He was left alone when the owner found him useless after a car crashed into him. The emotionless owner of Kuya Bon couldn’t be bothered by a dog that needed so much care.

He threw him out of the only house he knew. He was on the street for a very long time when he was noticed by a kind person. He had to contend with very rainy days, especially during the monsoons. It’s a miracle he survived for so long.

A friendly woman saw the dog from a distance and bought a bowl of food for Kuya Bon. He went to him and put the bowl on the floor. He wanted to see how bad his legs were. Despite his struggles, Kuya Bon slipped into the bowl and ate happily.

The woman knew she needed emergency veterinary care. He spent his own money to help him. While waiting for Kuya Bon to take an X-ray, the woman called a local rescuer. Knowing that he could not hold Kuya Bon and would not return to the street, he asked for help. The Savior accepted.

Kuya Bon gets better than we speak at the veterinary clinic. It is not clear where it will end, but what is certain is that he will never hit the streets again! Please scroll down to see how Kuya Bon is saved. We are so grateful that he is now safe.

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