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Surveillance Captures Serial Car Burglar in Action

Surveillance Captures Serial Car Burglar Action
Photo: Twitter / Henry K. Lee

In a recently released footage, a white Lexus sedan without any license plate can be seen stopping next to parked cars. A passenger emerges, donning a ski mask and gloves, peers into the vehicles, and then proceeds to smash windows before fleeing with bags from inside. The car then moves on, and this act is repeated multiple times.

A witness recounted, “I decided to tail them, but they seemed unfazed, continuing their spree regardless of being trailed.”

Choosing to stay unidentified, the observer followed the culprits across several blocks, watching the passenger repeatedly break into cars and grab bags.

During one of these incidents, a car’s rear window was smashed while someone was seated inside, causing them to let out a terrified scream as the burglar snatched their bag.

As of now, the San Francisco Police Department hasn’t provided any comments to KTVU regarding this string of car burglaries.

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