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Pregnant mum shot six times in living room says 15-stone body ‘saved her life’

During a terrifying attack, a pregnant woman was shot six-time in her living room. When Leona Brown carding with her baby bump while sat down from nowhere a gunman opened fire on her home in Waltham stow, northeast Landon from a case of mistaken identity.

Then Leona Brown firstly thought that someone was banging on her door, but in actual it was bullets flying through the woodwork. Leona Brown, 39, said that:  “I was glad and relieved it happened to me in a way and not anyone else.

“Probably because I have got so much weight on it cushioned in me, whereas everyone else is slimmer. “If that happened to my partner or my children or the boy it would have gone to the organs but will be because I’m size 16 my body cushioned it.

“With Leo, I was 15 stone pregnant, I’m usually 14 and a half stone. I’m very happy with the weight I am.” She was explaining the scene she was shot, Leona said first it felt link she was being hit by stones. But when she looked down her torso and arm soon started to burn and she was horrified to see her blood coming from six bullet holes in her body.

She was so terrified at that moment; she felt her unborn child kicking in panic in her stomach. At that time as a being mother, she only had thoughts for the baby’s life. “When I heard the first bang the gun was going rapid like bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,” said the tearful mother-of-five.

“When the shots went off repeatedly, I didn’t even know what hit me. I stood up and saw a hole in my chest. “One went in the wall just above my head, literally. Bullets hit my door, floor, doorstep and there were some in my hallway.

“The person emptied the whole gun – I’m very lucky to be alive.

“I just laid on the floor and my partner were on the phone to the emergency services.” In a short time, she was taken to Royal London Hospital where she had a hole in her chest and four injuries in her arm, along with a particle in her leg. She was hit by a total of six bullet fragments. On March 3 last year the volley of bullets was fired at Leona’s house. She said that: “He has come out so perfect, I thought maybe he would have a mark on him or something but on his body, he doesn’t have a mark at all.” Last year on June 21 Leona survived and delivered a healthy 7.7lbs baby via emergency cesarean.

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