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Fourth Stimulus Check Rolled Out by Select States

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Amid the growing anticipation of Americans, some states have recently announced the release of a fourth stimulus check-in in 2023. Since the last federal stimulus in March, many have been speculating about the possibility of another round.

Interestingly, this upcoming stimulus originates from the surplus budget funds of individual states. This initiative aims to provide relief for residents grappling with high inflation and other financial setbacks. However, it’s essential to note that only specific states are partaking in this initiative, leaving out a vast segment of taxpayers.

States Offering the 4th Stimulus Check:

New Mexico
New York
Who is Eligible?

Each state has set its criteria for eligibility. Generally, these checks are aimed at individuals below a certain income bracket or those particularly affected by soaring inflation rates. Some states are targeting specific groups such as farmers, essential or frontline workers, educators, or individuals making sustainable energy choices.

To determine eligibility or access more detailed information, residents are advised to visit their respective state or city websites. For a comprehensive list of states issuing relief checks, The Sun offers a continually updated roster.

Alaska’s PFD for 2023:

In Alaska, a segment of taxpayers will receive a non-taxable energy relief payment of $662. This amount represents a part of the state’s 2022 energy revenue under the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) and is annually redistributed among the residents. Those designated as “eligible-not-paid” can expect their checks on August 17. The PFD essentially allocates a portion of Alaska’s mineral revenues to its residents.

As for another federal stimulus check, prospects appear dim. Even as some lawmakers advocate for continued support to Americans still reeling from pandemic-induced economic challenges, the improving economy and declining unemployment rates seem to suggest otherwise to the federal government.

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