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Woman given 1% chance of survival after stabbing says she forgives attacker

After a 1% chance of continuation by knife from a stranger woman forgiven her attacker. At the age of 17, Kayleigh White was stabbed on her back with a meal knife from Lee Jeffries-Jones.

Lee Jeffries-Jones originated the assault after pledging to “kill 20 people” by following a row with his close friend. The attack was so hard that the blade cut her kidney in half.

She ran out for help and manage to drag herself to her neighbor pal’s house. Kayleigh is a brave teenage girl, asked her friend to quickly take the killer photo while holding the knife.

That photo was used as a piece of evidence after in court. Kayleigh is now turned 21 and she said that: “I just felt this quick in-and-out in my back. I fell to the floor. I could feel myself bleeding out. I’ve never screamed so loud in my life.”

When she was taking to the hospital for medical attention, she couldn’t bear the pain. She said: “I screamed at them to let me die.” The surgery takes 10 hours, and four days to unconscious, she pulled through.

An accident left her with a 35cm scar down her stomach. Now she is going through PTSD and an addiction to painkillers. She said that: “Every time I dropped off to sleep, I’d wake up in the night, my whole body jolting as if I’m being stabbed repeatedly.

“I started taking sleeping tablets, then a cocktail of drugs and opiates. I wasn’t taking them for the pain anymore. I was taking them for my mental pain.” With this kind of pain, she also had to face the Jeffries-Jones at his trial. But Kayleigh said: “He just looked sorry for what he’d done. He just looked in my eyes and told me he was sorry.”

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