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Peter Schiff Obliterates Democrats’ Racist Voter ID Narrative

Joe Biden pledges deeper

“If you’re not smart or responsible enough to get an ID, then you’re too dumb or irresponsible to vote!”

Democrats are obsessed with pushing the false narrative that voter ID is a racist concept.

Even as the same hypocritical stance from powerhouses like Coca-Cola and the MLB is being exposed, democrats keep doubling down.

The fake news media may be covering for their lies, but others are using their influence to call out and expose these hypocrites.

Peter Schiff sent out a tweet that destroyed the false narrative of voter ID being racist.

“If it’s racist to require ID to #vote, then it’s also racist to require ID to open a bank account, buy a gun, rent a car, check into a hotel, enter a bar or board an airplane.”

Schiff finished off the tweet by taking aim at the ignorance behind the democrat-approved concept, which seems to assume Americans are too stupid to know how to obtain voter ID.

“If you’re not smart or responsible enough to get an ID, then you’re too dumb or irresponsible to vote!”

Schiff is right to point out this hypocrisy.

Giant corporations like Coca-Cola and the MLB have been exposed for their stance against voter ID laws, while simultaneously mandating government IDs themselves.

Coca-Cola released a statement condemning the new voter ID law in Georgia, but requires ID at shareholder meetings. Fox Business has more:

Coca-Cola has released a statement condemning Georgia’s new voting legislation, but the company requires valid ID to be admitted to its annual meeting of shareholders.

“At the entrance to the meeting, we will verify your registration and request to see your admission ticket and a valid form of photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport,” the company wrote in reference to its 2020 annual meeting of shareholders, held before the coronavirus pandemic.

Georgia’s new voting law requires a drivers’ license or state ID number be listed to submit an absentee ballot to vote, among other new reforms. The state already required ID to vote in person. It had previously relied on signature matching to verify ballots.

Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta. This week, the beverage company, among other Georgia-based companies, issued statements condemning the new legislation after threats of boycott.

Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO James Quincey issued a statement Wednesday night saying the company is “disappointed in the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation.”

Major League Baseball requires ID in order to obtain tickets, while at the same time has decided to boycott Georgia for their voter ID laws.

Fox News has that story:

Major League Baseball responded to calls to boycott the state of Georgia over a controversial new voter-ID law by moving the All-Star game out of the Peach State.

But teams still requires fans to show photo ID to pick up their tickets from the Will Call booth.

South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace called the league out on Twitter.

“Hey @MLB, this you?” she wrote, along with a screenshot of the Will Call policy at mlb.com

The league did not respond to multiple requests for an explanation of its photo ID policy for ticket retrieval.

Proponents of the move to abandon Atlanta’s Truist Park for this year’s All-Star Game have argued that Georgia’s new GOP-backed election integrity law is a form of voter suppression and is racist. President Biden even called it “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.”

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