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Friendly Dog Spends Entire Life Betrayed By Humans & Dumped At Shelters

If dogs could talk, Finn Alexander would have a heartbreaking tale to tell. Staff and volunteers at CAMO Rescue in Texas were heartbroken and brought to tears when they saw Finn come through their doors. CAMO is a unique rescue group that pulls dogs from euthanasia lists across the state of Texas. The poor dog has such a tragic past that seeing him again devastated those who tried so hard to keep him safe.

Like all shelter dogs, Finn simply wants a forever home with someone who will love and care for him. His past, however, tells a sad tale of abandonment and neglect. In 2014, he first arrived at the Dallas Animal Shelter and was adopted out soon after. Things seemed to be going well for the tiny pooch until 2019 when he wound up back at the Dallas Animal Shelter and then rescued by another organization.

In 2019, the rescue who saved him was able to find him a home, but in 2021, things took a turn for the worst. According to CAMO Rescue, Finn Alexander was recently, “abandoned in his crate with all his belongings left in a park & landed in the Denton Animal Shelter.”

Posted by CAMO Rescue on Sunday, April 4, 2021

Since the little guy had a microchip, it was easy to track down who abandoned him. Thankfully, those people will not be allowed to have Finn in their lives ever again. Since Dallas Animal Shelter has since closed, they reached out to CAMO Rescue for assistance with Finn. Along with many other pets, Finn is now available for adoption to the right person. If you can open your home and heart to Finn or any of the animals at CAMO, please visit their website.

I Love My Dog reminds our readers to reach out to your local shelter or pet rescue groups if you are interested in bringing a dog into your life. There are millions of awesome dogs waiting for their forever homes who are just a mouse click away.

H/T: CAMO Rescue/Facebook

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