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Skeletal Dog Dumped In Parking Lot To Die Is Now Making Great Strides

A dying dog was left in the Kentucky Humane Society parking lot in horrible shape. He was skin and bones, weighing just 38 pounds when he should be 80 pounds. His fur was also dirty from feces and urine.

A person who was dropping of donations wound up spotting the dog, and quickly told staff who then rushed him to their Veterinary Services department.

They decided to name this sweet pup “Ethan,” and immediately got to work to try and save his life.

They gave him IV fluids and warmed him up with heated blankets. Poor Ethan was so weak that he couldn’t even lift his head. Every bone of his body could be seen from his dehydrated skin, and he had extreme muscle loss. Staff said he was the thinnest dog they’ve ever seen that was still breathing.

Ethan was then home by a vet tech so he could be heavily monitored, but was rushed to the emergency room when he began to go downhill. Thankfully, the incredible vet staff was able to stabilize him, and although he was still in critical condition, he was still eating and drinking.

Vets say they are seeing less head bobbing and leg paddling, which is a good sign. He is continuing to improve, and vets say he has shown one of the strongest wills to live they’ve ever seen.

Luckily, he has a good appetite and is finally able to support his head enough to eat on his own. He still cannot walk on his own, since his muscles are still too weak from starvation, but staff is helping him build muscle back by taking him for short walks around the hospital using slings to support his weight.

He is now stable enough to come home from the hospital and will be on IV fluids, mediations, and fed every two hours to help him continue gaining weight slowly and steadily.

While he still has  a long road ahead of him, vets are optimistic that he will pull through.

KHS will continue to update the public on Ethan’s journey on their Facebook page.

It’s unknown how Ethan’s condition has gotten this bad, but staff suspects he had been locked in a crate without food or water for weeks.

If you have any information about Ethan or who may have done this to him, please contact Louisville Metro Animal Services at 502-473-PETS.

H/T to People & Kentucky Humane Society.

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