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Girl With A Life-Threatening Condition Dreamed She Had A Service Dog Of Her Own

The pandemic has been a testing experience for the entire world, but it was an absolutely crushing ordeal for one 8-year-old girl named Mia Vane. Mia was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called aplastic anemia at the beginning of the pandemic. The incurable disease leaves her with a damaged bone marrow, which in turn compromises her ability to fight off infections.

Mia has a naturally sporty, inquisitive and adventurous spirit. Sadly, her condition forced her to leave school as even minor bruises and injuries could turn life-threatening for her. As she began battling her illness, the isolation tormented her and she started craving for a furry companion who would support her on bad days.

When Mia’s aunt learned about her wish, she went out of her way to help her. She made a special video to nominate Mia for the “4E Kennels Healing Hearts Program”, which gifts fully trained service dogs to needy families. This worked like a miracle and 4E Kennels began training Dougie the Goldendoodle puppy especially for Mia – albeit in secret!

In this video, we see brave little Mia recounting her draining medical experiences – without knowing that she is about to be surprised with a service dog! The precious moment when she finally meets Dougie is an incredibly fulfilling sight!

The way Mia formed an instant connection with Dougie is so encouraging. Despite her constant struggles, Mia earnestly tries her best to be upbeat and positive! We know it’s a tough road ahead for her, and we are so glad she has Dougie’s unwavering love to protect and comfort her every day!

Click the video below to watch Mia getting surprised with her very own cuddly service dog!

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