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Teeny Feral Pups Huddled To Keep Warm But Rescuers Won’t Save Them

Stray Rescue of St. Louis heard about a litter of feral puppies. A woman had been leaving food out for their mom but once she gave birth, she called the rescue group. The temperatures were dropping and there was no way they’d survive the colder months.

The rescuers wasted no time knowing that it was raining and cold outside. When they arrived, they saw the puppies huddled together to keep warm. But mom was nowhere in sight. They made a pact. They were not going to leave with the puppies unless Mama came too.

They looked everywhere and couldn’t find their mom at first but then they got lucky! She was hiding and very scared. They had no choice but to use a net to trap her. It was quite the ordeal but after steady determination, Mama was in their care.

Now it was time to rescue her babies! They headed back through the cold rain to the adorable puppy snuggle pile. One rescuer put a soft carrier down and gently lifted them up one by one and put them inside. After a good look, the rescuer realized they were about two weeks old.

The pups were placed inside the vehicle and the entire family was taken to their rescue center. The puppies were examined. They appeared healthy and strong. There were eight puppies in total. Six of them were female which put a lot in perspective. Each of those females being on the street meant more strays would be born in the future. It was time to try and break the cycle.

Mama was reunited with her babies but she was very scared. The rescuers tried to make their kennel as comfortable as possible but it’ll take some time for a dog that had always lived on the streets to get used to being inside.

We are so grateful that the entire family is now safe thanks to rescuers who never give up. The puppies will be well-cared for and put up for adoption once they are old enough. Mama will hopefully find a loving forever home too.

These stories remind us just how important it is to spay/neuter your pet. Homeless animals face too many challenges as do unwanted litters. Thank you Stray Rescue of St. Louis! You’re all truly amazing! To see the full rescue and to learn more about the rescue group,

check out the video below.

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