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Swollen Bellied Pups Clung To One Another & Fearfully Stared At A Wall

Two helpless puppies that belonged inside a loving home, were instead struggling to survive on the streets. Their bellies were severely swollen from built-up fluid. Because both babies were so malnourished, that they had low levels of albumin. Albumin is an essential blood protein and with very low levels in the body, fluids can accumulate in the abdomen.

These two precious pups would not have survived long but thankfully they were found in time and brought into a vet clinic. They were not used to humans at all. They were full of fear, understandably, not knowing what would happen to them next. They just clung to one another and stared at a wall.

When the vet was finally able to examine them, he was surely taken aback. These babies also had a ton of ticks. The ticks and malnourishment caused anemia. To make matters worse, they also parasites. Both pups would need extensive treatment, including blood transfusions.

It was very important that the vet drained the fluid from their swollen bellies but this is a tricky procedure. Some dogs do not survive. The vet and his staff prepared the pups on the exam table. They were sedated so they wouldn’t be in pain or move too much. It was a slow process, and it likely had to be repeated multiple times, but the fluid started to drain nicely out of their stomachs. One of the vet techs held their paws the entire time to comfort them.

The pups were so brave! After they woke up, they were even able to eat a normal meal. They were still a bit shy but surely making progress. They received several blood transfusions as the days went on. This made the pups perk up a lot! Soon they were eating normally and playing.

Their abdomens were better but still distended. They required another draining but again, both puppies were very brave. They started to trust their new human friends. As their health steadily improved, a local rescue group made arrangements for them to stay together in a medical foster home. As soon as they are cleared by the vet, they will be available for adoption.

We are so happy that these little ones were found in time! Aren’t animal rescues the best? To see their full story and some serious puppy bravery, check out the video below.

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