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Woman Charmed Her Way Into His Yard To Take Puppies But Mama Needed Her Too

A seasoned rescuer, named Lisa, got a call about a mama dog and her puppies. She was told that the owner was not caring for them properly. When she arrived at the house, she used her smarts to get the man to let her in. She asked about the puppies and if he’d be willing to surrender them to the rescue group to be rehomed. But she did this with grace.

Lisa wasn’t angry. She acted level-headed and non-judgemental knowing that this would be the best way to get onto the property. The man actually agreed. As Lisa walked into the yard, she saw the mama dog.

To say she was emaciated is a vast understatement. It looked like the dog hadn’t had a decent meal in a very long time. Besides being skin and bones, the dog had the heaviest chain around her. But despite how poorly she was treated, the mama dog still wagged her tail. She was so happy to see Lisa.

The man agreed to take Lisa to see the puppies. Again, she was very careful with her words and behavior. This was the best way to deal with a situation like this and she knew that. Within a few minutes, Lisa had the puppies safely in her vehicle. But then, as she looked at the man, it was as if he knew what she was about to say next. The man came out flatly and said, “You’re not getting her.” He was not going to let the mother dog go.

Lisa couldn’t accept that. She used her charm and said to the man, “You’re a good guy. I can tell.” She praised him for surrendering the puppies. She hoped that she could get into his head a bit. Lisa then asked where the mama dog had been sleeping. The man admitted she had been sleeping outside without a dog house since it had gotten “torn up.”

Lisa then suggested that the dog be brought inside the little building where he had the puppies. It wasn’t ideal but at least she wouldn’t have to sleep outside. Then she said she could come back the next day with a nice dog bed and some food. She then pushed it even further and told him she could even bring the dog with her to be vaccinated and spayed. That is when a miracle happened.

The man pointed to Lisa’s truck and said, “Open the door.” Lisa was so happy to take the dog and the dog was so happy to be off that heavy chain. Lisa is convinced, and we have to agree, that if she wasn’t kind to the man, this would have never happened!

But the only downside was, even if Lisa took the mama dog and her puppies, there was still one more dog left with the man. The dog, named Shine, was also underweight and Lisa was very concerned. What happens next is too good to miss. Lisa is one smart lady who knew her goal at the end of the day was to make sure these dogs were safe! Don’t miss this incredible story and thanks to The Dodo, you don’t have to. Scroll on down and enjoy!

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