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Man Tries To Lure Giant Crocodile With Chicken, But The Hungry Crocodile Lunges

Rob Bredl is a wildlife documentary filmmaker and a renowned reptile specialist from South Australia. He’s an expert when it comes to crocodiles, and has managed to tame them spectacularly over the years! In the video below, we see him petting and riding a gigantic crocodile like it’s nothing!

In the beginning, Rob uses a whole chicken as bait as he summons the crocodile out of water. With agile steps, he lures the reptilian giant to dry land. The crocodile’s eyes remain fixated on the chicken while Rob maintains a safe distance and looks for a clean move to feed his hungry water buddy!

Once Rob successfully rewards the crocodile with his snack, he mounts the massive beast like it’s child’s play! The crocodile slithers and wiggles nonchalantly as he senses Rob’s presence on his back, before happily taking him along for a ride. We have never seen anything like this before!

Rob uses a stick to help the crocodile navigate back to the water, and that brings this extraordinary adventure to an end! He sure has his work cut out for him as a crocodile whisperer, but the way he communicates with these dangerous predators is undeniably brilliant!

Click the video below to watch Rob fearlessly hitching a ride on his enormous crocodile mate!

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