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Pet Cat – The Small Family Member

Having pet at home in itself is the wonderful thing. Taking care of your pet, looking after its food, playing with your pet are all the amazing stuff you can do with them. Pets are not just the animal roaming around in your home. Pet is like one of your family member who needs to be look after more than other family members at home. Everyone have their own preferences for pets. Some like pet dogs; some like pet fish, some like pet cats and there is never ending options for pets.

Taking care of pet cat is a bit easy and it’s a delightful pet to have. Still there are certain instructions that must be followed to take care of pet cat.

1) It is important to take care of pet cat food. It’s not a difficult task to feed your pet cat. Fresh water, kibble and cat food are three important things to look after in feeding your cat. You should make sure that fresh water is being given to your pet cat and it is also being changed two times daily. You have to be particular about cat food to take care of pet cat.

Your pet cat itself will tell you what it will eat. Your pet cat will not eat that food or will become sick after eating wrong food. After a matter of time you will have a better knowledge about what your pet cat wants to eat. You cannot just change your pet cat food. Sudden change in pet cat food might make it sick and it can fill your home by throwing up.

2) Pet cats usually sleeps whole day and stay up whole night. Thus you don’t need to worry or take care of pet cat sleeping orders. Some of pet cats might adopt sleeping schedules of humans. Pet cats feel safest on high places. So you will usually see them on high places like shelves, book racks or refrigerators.

3)  Pet cats are very curious. They want to peek into every corner of your home. If you cannot find your pet cat then try to find them in shirt sleeves, under the beds or empty boxes. Most probably you will find your pet cat in such places. Do not cut your pet cats whiskers. They are as long as their widest part of their body. These whiskers help your pet cat to enter into tubes or small holes in which you think they will get stuck.

4) You should take care of pet cat medically. Take your pet cat to doctor at least once in every month. Take care of pet cat vaccination schedules. Pet cats might get into worst diseases like AIDS or Leukemia.

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