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Rihanna wants a Bed on Set

Rihanna wants a bed

Rihanna wants a bedWe found Love’ star Rihanna has been continuously asking rather demanding a king size bed to be installed at the corner of her set. She wants a king size bed so that she catches up on her sleep during the video shoots. Rihanna is famous for her partying element.

A source from LA recently said that she has been partying really hard and it is very prominent when she comes for shoot the next day because she is pretty knackered. She doesn’t usually cancel her work commitments so that is why she is demanding for a bed on her set so she could take naps in between.

Also it came in to notice that she hates fruits in particular bananas and asked them not to have any bananas on the shoot.

Another interesting thing that was heard about Rihanna was that the legend music artist Annie Lennox said that Rihanna could be a really good ambassador for domestic violence if she had to be after her assault from Chris Brown.

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