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A Puppy Café Was Started To Bring Awareness To Stray Dogs & Help Find Them Homes

The Adoptable Puppy Café was started in Thailand by Iza Mirzakhanian and Kirsty Smith to get people to think differently about stray dogs and help them possibly get forever homes. And over the past year, the coffee shop has found 150 dogs new, loving families!

“People have that misconception that street dogs aren’t smart and when they come here, I think that changes,” said co-founder Iza Mirzakhanian.

Customers are able to spend four hours every other Saturday with the rescue dogs for free. And while there’s no obligation to adopt, many do so after getting to know and interacting with the puppies.

Lots of these dogs were rescued from the streets and temples of Thailand. So to make sure these dogs never have to feel abuse or neglect again, they screen potential adopters with a required questionnaire to find the perfect fits.

How great is that? Here’s to even more coffee being consumed and more stray dogs getting their forever homes! 

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H/t: BangkokJack News

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