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Girls Night Out on A Budget

girls night out on a budget party on a budget

girls night out on a budget party on a budgetNo matter how busy a woman life may get, may it be a house wife caught up with kids, house and husband, a single girl bored of daily school routine and study, or a business woman who is yearning to get out of her business suit and into comfy yet beautiful dresses.

In this time of recession where everyone has to think several times before spending even a penny as the fun time is considered to be a luxury at times these days. But girls night out is a relief to all the busy ladies, housewives and girls. Following are some of the tips to have all the fun in budget.

Before deciding what things to do and how to celebrate it is best to plan the things, setting up a budget to assess the feasibility and keep everyone updated through texting or sending them emails and keep reminding them about the plan.

Turning the party into girl night in

The most cost effective way to have that night out fun is to stay at home and enjoy the get together by involving yourself in various activities like watching movies. What could be any fun than having a pizza, popcorns and set of DVD’s with bunch of friends over.  It’s not just that a bundle of gossip magazine and materials for late manicures and pedicures is another very good way to enjoy and share.

Sporty fun:

One other way to enjoy the night is to indulge yourself in some sport like badminton or basket ball and you can even get yourself muddy in paintball battle field, which is also a very fun game. It is economical yet very much fun way to spend your time with your girls, these games not only gets you self-defense, strong bonds with your girlies and also cute boys; provided that this tip is best for sports lover girls.

Coupon night out:

There are various kinds of coupons and deals which are being offered. So it’s better to keep a watch on any kind of offer and avail it, it’s a very good idea to plan your party around that deal, for example pubs and restaurants offering dinner at half off or free drinks, so this tactic help you save a lot of money that you had actually spent on a night out, which is great.

Car pooling:

It’s better to take a cab than to take your own car because in that way you will not only be saving the money of gasoline but it is also the cost of depreciation that matters. So a cab or metro will be a best thing to use as conveyance, you can pool up the money for that and also have extra fun.

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