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He Laid By The Trash, His Body Riddled With Scabies & A Tail Full Of Maggots

Five-year-old Santino was rescued in deplorable condition. When he was found, he was terrified and lying by a pile of trash in Spain.

He was extremely emaciated and had lost all of his hair due to scabies. Instead of fur, he was covered in dirt, and his ears, eyes and tail were filled with maggots.

Rescuers rushed Santino to the vet, where he was examined and given a much-needed bath and trim.

In addition to his scabies, he also had an infestation of fleas. He was put on medicine for both immediately.

He went to live with a foster while he recovered. As the days went on, Santino’s condition improved and he began to transform into a beautiful little white dog.

After a month of healing, it was time for Santino to find a loving forever home. It didn’t take long before a family decided to adopt him.

Today, Santino looks like a different dog and he is always sporting a smile on his face. He never lost his will to live, despite what he went through at the hands of evil humans.

He still loves everyone he meets, including dogs, and he is so grateful for his beautiful second chance at life.

Watch his rescue and recovery in the video below:

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