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Dog Spent 9 Years Under A Shipping Container After Her Owner Was Deported

Persephone Harrington alerted Hope For Paws to a homeless dog living in the junkyard. She was out working to help reduce the overpopulation of cats when she came across the senior dog underneath of a shipping container.

They learned her owner was deported nine years ago leaving the poor girl behind. The dog had also been hit by a truck causing her to lose an eye, and she never received any medical care.

Rescuers took their time to offer treats to try to gain the dog’s trust. And slowly but surely, the gentle snare was placed around her neck, and they waited to see how she’d respond.

Before long, she was coaxed out of there, and that’s when all of her medical issues became very apparent. They named her Josephine (or Pheenie) and got her back to the hospital right away.

The senior dog’s teeth were all rotten and broken, and she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and discospondylitis. L.A. Animal Rescue stepped forward to foster her, and Pheenie made lots of new friends and memories and received all the love and affection she could handle.

But just five months after being rescued, the sweet girl passed away peacefully in front of the fireplace. While extremely sad, it’s so great that she got to spend the rest of her days being treated as the pet she was always meant to be. Rest in peace, Pheenie.

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