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Jared Leto’s Performance In Justice League Ensures His Comeback In DC Universe? Solo Film To Face-Off With Batman, Big Plans Revealed!

Zack Snyder’s Cut Of Justice League is now a reality, and the movement that was on for a better part of three years has finally met its conclusion.

Not to forget, it took gazillion fans to pressurise the studio for bringing the scrapped version of the film, which was once the most anticipated one. What the Snyder Cut also brought to us was Jared Leto back as the Clown Prince of Crime Joker.

Ever since it was announced Jared was playing the iconic Joker opposite Ben Affleck’s Batman, the fans of the actor and Justice League couldn’t keep calm. Switch to almost a year later; when the trailer brought him back on the screens for a few seconds, it was a treat no one was ready to miss.

If the latest reports are to go by, Leto might be here to stay as the Clown Prince this time around. Read on to know how and catch all the details about this exciting update below.

Jared Leto all this while has played Joker twice. Once for the Suicide Squad, and we all know what happened with his fate back then. And the second time now in the Zack Snyder’s Cut Of Justice League, where he is drastically different than the first time.

But the actor has never got the chance to have a full-fledged screen time in the universe. Now as per the report in We Got This Covered, DC has taken. That factor seriously after the Snyder cut.

As per the intel, DC is planning to give Jared Leto more footage that he has ever got as the Joker. Now there is no confirmation whether it will be a film with him in the forefront or a duel led film with him and Batman. But the buzz is strong that the DCEU gods are definitely impressed with Leto this time and want him to stay.

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