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Curled Up Starved Dog Had No Hope Of Survival So Woman Risked It All

When this sweet Pit Bull was left behind, she had no hope of a future. To say she was starved and neglected is a vast understatement. She was likely days away from death. Her owners not only didn’t care to feed her, but they also left her behind when they moved away.

When she was finally found, she was curled up in a ball trying to stay warm. Her poor body was breaking down as each rib showed. But then a guardian angel came into her life and changed her course forever. Lisa, a compassionate woman, thankfully found the sweet girl she’d later name Nova. She brought her home and gave her a good meal.

The next day, it was time to see the vet. The vet was honest and told Lisa that he wasn’t sure if she’d make it but of course it was worth trying. He gave her a few recipes and some ideas of how to strengthen her body. Lisa was willing to try anything. Lisa felt if Nova didn’t survive, at least she would live the rest of her life feeling loved.

Lisa implemented a diet of puppy food and it started to work right away. Nova would wag her tail every time she ate as if eating was a reward, not a necessity. Nova was so happy to see Lisa come through the door every day after work that she was desperate to jump up and greet her but she was too weak to do so.

The dog’s legs needed to be strengthened and that was Lisa’s next task. And of course, she worked with her diligently. Nova struggled for a while but they were both determined to get those legs off the ground. Within a few weeks, Nova was able to properly greet her mama at the door.

In the video below, Lisa boasts about Nova’s first trip to get a Starbuck’s Puppuccino. It was, of course, delicious! Lisa was going through some hard times herself and says that Nova rescued her right back. Isn’t that the best thing ever? The story continues and it is so inspiring. We couldn’t be more grateful for people like Lisa.

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To see Nova’s story, check it out below.

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