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Why Cats Sleep in Bed with Humans

Many cats are particular about their behaviors. They have specific ways they groom themselves, what they like to do for entertainment and yes, where they like to snooze. Cats are infamous for napping and you may have noticed that there are many rituals about how they do it. One of the more common questions we get from cat lovers is how do cats choose who to sleep with

There are a few reasons why cats choose specific people to slumber with. Your friends at Union Lake Pet Services are here to tell you all about it.

Why Does My Cat Sleep There?

Unlike us, cats don’t just go to bed at a set time in the evening and sleep for the duration of the night. They are a crepuscular species, which means they nap intermittently throughout a 24-hour period, but are mostly awake at night (mostly around dusk and dawn). They may change where they sleep and with whom often, so it’s unlikely that one specific place or person will be “the one”.

They do have some considerations about where and with whom they snooze, though.

  1. The one who feeds them. Let’s face it, most pets are motivated by food, and they tend to pal up with the one who brings home the bacon, so to speak. So, if you take care of your cat, they’ll feel closer to you. Plus, they want to be there when you open your eyes in the morning, because – guess what – did someone say breakfast?
  2. The warmest spot. Cats love to be warm, and that’s why you’ll see them sacked out in the sunshine. They crave warm and cozy spots, so if your bed is something they find comfortable, they’ll likely choose you to snuggle with.
  3. The one who makes them feel safe. Cats are particular about where they sleep, ensuring it’s safe and secure. They will choose a spot where they can make a quick getaway, even if they feel secure when sleeping with one of their human family members.
  4. Your smells and sounds. Cats are sensitive to scents and sounds and can be attuned to a certain person’s snores, odors, etc. Your scent may be another way to make your pet feel connected to you, and therefore safer. The sound of breathing has a lull to it that can also be soothing to your furry friend.
  5. You’re the favorite. Cats, like many other pets, can bond more closely with one family member. The reasons for this are varied, but generally speaking, it is the person who cares for them each day. This bond is important to your cat as they are social creatures that need affection and attention from their owner. By sleeping with you, it is another way for them to show their love.
The Advantages of Kitty Zzs

Allowing your cat to sleep with you on the bed can also have benefits for you and your meow mate. It….

  • Reduces stress – Petting a sleeping cat has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Strengthens the bond – Cats who sleep with their humans are closer to them. This comfortable snuggle helps them feel more trust and safety with their owners.
  • It’s warm – For those who get cold easily, a cat in the bed is the perfect feet warmer. 
  • Good company – Whenever you are lonely, having a cat as a companion is the perfect feel-good friendship. 
The How and Why’s of Who Cats Choose to Sleep With

Did any of these reasons make sense to you about your cat’s sleeping habits? Most cats (including those who love their owners) will sometimes sleep alone in a quiet space because cats love to change where they sleep. One night your cat may sleep with you, while the next, they are on the bunk with one of the kids. The main thing is that this snuggle time enriches both your life and the life of your cat. It creates a closeness that is immeasurable.

We hope this helps explain how cats choose who to sleep with. Would you like more information on this or other cat behaviors? Just give our team a call. Sweet dreams for a restful catnap. 

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