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Woman shares ‘game-changing’ way she wears high heels to stop them squishing her toes

If there’s one thing we haven’t missed during lockdown, it’s the pain of wearing heels for hours on end during a night out.

Yes, they’re pretty and they make our legs look long and fabulous, but if we’re being honest, they really bloody hurt.

I’ve tried to teach myself to wear them, to grin and bear it, but I’ve never managed to go an entire night without slipping them off at some point and switching to flats – or risking walking home barefoot.

But it seems there might have been a rather simple solution to my problem all along, at least according to a TikTok user named Veronica who posts on @habit_forming_sty.

In a viral video on the social media platform, Veronica shares an “unsexy styling tip” with her followers, admitting that she wears toe protectors inside her painful shoes.

She explains: “Welcome back to unsexy styling tips that you need to know. Part three: toes.

“You guys had so manyquestions about toes, so here we go.

“The squishy toe protectors actually protect the ball of your foot too, so it makes heels so much more comfortable to wear.”

She continued: “You can wear them with flats, that squish your toes or even boots.”

In the clip, Veronica demonstrated how she wears the silicone toe protector, which has a separate section for your big toe and the rest of them, to stop them all squishing together.

A second video also shows how you can purchase silicone heel protectors if you are getting pain in your heel as well.

People on the app loved the idea, with one user branding it a “game-changer”.

Another commented: “After lockdown I don’t think I’ll ever be able to squish my feet into heels. I’ll be like Cinderella’s ugly sisters trying on the glass slipper.”

Someone else asked: “Where have these been all my life?”

A different user replied: “Those are seriously a life saver!”

“I love this, thank you ma’am,” added a fifth person.

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