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OnlyFans model, 53, earns £2k a week by stripping with her 21-year-old daughter

A model has teamed up with her daughter earning £2,000 a week from stripping.

Mum-of-two Jessie Jo Richardson, 53, has worked in the adult industry for 13 years.

But things took an unexpected turn when her 21-year-old daughter Achante said she was keen to get involved.

Now the pair have set up a joint OnlyFans account earning a fortune for just a few hours work each week.

The mum said their boyfriends are “completely supportive” of their jobs and they’ve never received any negative response to it.

Although Achante was nervous at first, her mum gave her confidence and taught her to strip seductively.

Achante told Closer magazine: “People might think it’s weird but we’ve always been really close.

“And she’s my mum – why would I think it’s odd for her to see me naked?

“[Mum] pointed out I’m constantly taking selfies in skimpy clothes so I might as well earn money from it. And she was right! I love it.”

Jessie got into glamour modelling after struggling to make ends meet as a beauty salon owner.

She said some weeks she was forced to survive on just £30 and lived on scraps of food off her children’s plates.

Things changed for the mum when she says she was approached by Babestation after they saw photos of her on Twitter.

She decided to give it a go after consulting her children, aged eight and 10 at the time, and began earning £340 a shift.

Jessie added: “I’ve always been open with them. There was no point sugar-coating it. I wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t agreed.”

She believes she’s been so successful because she’s happy and confident in her curvy size 14-16 body.

Now all the money she saves goes towards her children’s futures as her son Romario, 23, has health issues where he can’t live alone.

Jessie suggested starting up an OnlyFans page to show off her “gorgeous figure” after glamour modelling opened many doors for her.

The pair pose in sexy lingerie and raunchy outfits for photos and videos together.

But the mum and daughter duo draw the line at physical interaction and ignore any requests to kiss each other.

Achante said: “I see my mum in a lot of positions but I don’t need to see everything.”

Now Jessie says she fully supports her daughter if she decided to take it further and go into adult TV work.

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