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A 24-year-old nurse has been diagnosed with cancer after experiencing constant burping, leaving her family heartbroken

Credit: Jam Press/Bailey McBreen

A young woman’s family is grieving after she was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer following a rare symptom.

Bailey McBreen, a 24-year-old nurse from Florida, initially ignored burping up to 10 times a day before it progressed to acid reflux and unbearable stomach cramps, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Despite being active, she was diagnosed with colon cancer, which typically affects older adults but can occur at any age, according to Fight CRC.

The disease often starts as small cell clumps, called polyps, that form on the colon’s inner surface, leading to obstructions in the digestive tract and excess gas.

McBreen had emergency surgery to remove the cancer and is receiving chemotherapy until August’s end. She’s now urging others to be vigilant about symptoms, stating that any new, even if seemingly harmless, symptom must be addressed.

McBreen said that her diagnosis has changed her life in every possible way and that she is doing everything she can to fight the disease.

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