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Menchen Tomas Spring Summer 2023

Suddenly, without any warning, a striped big top materializes as the sun sets, casting a radiant glow over the previously unremarkable landscape.

Inside, a captivating world awaits, filled with a diverse troupe of artists, musicians, and acrobats who wander from city to city sharing their stories of aspiration, sacrifice, self-improvement, risk-taking, and rebellion like true nomads.

This is a realm of light and shadow, where music, paint, color, and theater collide to create a mesmerizing experience.

The performers are adorned in ruffles, lace, and silk taffeta stripes, with puffy shirts and corsets reminiscent of the late 19th century. Bold and handcrafted fascinators, adorned with jet-black glass embroidery, add an element of magic to the proceedings, taking us on a journey into the heart of this ambitious universe.

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