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Fairytale wedding ends in bloodshed as bridesmaids batter each other in street

A fairytale wedding ended in disaster after two bridesmaids engaged in a brutal street fight moments after the ceremony.

Alyssa, 18, dreamed of having a wedding of her dreams at the local county courthouse in Boston, Massachusetts, US but it didn’t quite go to plan.

Appearing on TLC’s Gypsy Brides, a family dispute erupts outside the building when Alyssa ties the knot with husband Heath.

Alyssa’s cousin Diamond is upset about the behaviour of the groom’s aunt, Mellie, who believes Alyssa was “spreading rumours” about Heath’s mum.

Diamond storms out of the venue and says: “I don’t think Alyssa knew yet but Mellie was running the mouth saying she was going to stretch her out.

“If she comes out here I swear to god I’m going to f****** kill her.”

Mellie then goes outside for a cigarette and the pair end up brawling on the street.

Diamond confronts her and pushes her to the ground, yelling: “Get the f*** out of here!”

Mellie apparently retaliates and punches Diamond in the face, leaving her bleeding in the face and the legs.

She says: “Who’s got the marks on them? I don’t know who’ve won but I know that she is more busted up than me. Her face is all messed up.

“What Diamond got is only half of what Alyssa’s going to get.”

The fight alerts nearby police and they soon arrive to investigate, as the newlyweds to quickly leave the courthouse.

“I don’t know what to do,” Alyssa says as she looks puzzled while searching for her cousin Diamond.

Her wedding was put to an end as the group got in their cars and drove away.

It comes after an English gypsy showed off her life after marriage and said her husband paid for everything.

She also revealed that most of the the cabins inside a caravan were stacked with her belongings.

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