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Mum waxes and bleaches her nine-year-old daughter’s brows and hair

Image Credit: TLC

Viewers of Toddlers & Tiaras were shocked after seeing a nine-year-old having her eyebrows waxed and hair bleached for a pageant as her mother looked on. Chloe Stacy competes in pageants, and her mother, Jamie Stacy, explains that she has only lost two crowns. She has also ‘won a little more than $20,000’.

She brings her top-performing daughter to the beauty salon to get her eyebrows and hair done so she can make a big impression at her upcoming pageant. While other nine-year-olds are out playing, Chloe is getting her hair colored and her eyebrows waxed in preparation for a pageant. “If it would come down to facial beauty alone, she doesn’t have that particular look that a lot of judges are looking for,” Jamie says.

“She does have brown eyes with dirty blonde hair. It doesn’t stand out like a beautiful redhead or a blonde hair blue eyed child.” Her mum adds: “By having the highlights, it just allows for us to win. And who doesn’t like to win? Of course, I like to win.” Chloe says that she’s delighted to receive her highlights, but isn’t looking forward to ‘the eyebrow part’.

A series of shots then show Chloe obtaining her final look before being sent to have her brows done. The eyebrow waxer, Nataya ‘Nikki’ Newsom, delicately applies some wax over Chloe’s upper eyelid. “She a little bit nervous, I think,” Nikki says with a smile.

Many of us have probably experienced the agony of waxing, so it’s no surprise that she winces before the waxing paper is ripped off. “A little bit of pain to win a little better title? She’ll take it all day long,” the mum says. Viewers responded in the comments section.

One commenter wrote: “The fact that this girl is nine, and already saying ‘my teeth look bad’, ‘my eyebrows need to be done’ and ‘my hair needs highlights to look good’ and her MOTHER is telling her that stuff too, is so sad.” And another shared: “The mom only cares about winning but I think her daughter is beautiful the way she is.”

Nikki also got some love in the comments, with one person writing: “But can we talk about how kind the eyebrow lady was? Ugh melted my heart.” While a fourth person added: “When she was getting her eyebrows waxed, I felt like crying because of how bad I felt for her..”

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