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Mum found caked in blood after ‘shooting daughter and trans son dead’

A mum was found covered in dried blood which she told officers belonged to her children she allegedly shot dead.

Krisinda Bright, 48, called the police after shooting her two kids aged 22 and 16, in the head and face at her home in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, US at 1.30pm on Monday.

Responding officers said the mother was waiting for them on her porch with blood on her hands and clothes and allegedly admitted to killing her daughter and trans son without revealing why.

The Beaver County coroner explained Bright was taken to the county jail without incident and was charged with two counts of homicide, the Daily Mail reports.

In a police interview, Bright allegedly told detectives that her daughter was lying in bed in an upstairs bedroom when she shot her dead, reported KDKA.

Continuing her bloody rampage, she then went downstairs and pointed the gun at her son, who she said begged her: “Please don’t shoot, I’m gonna call the police,” according to Bright.

The mother detailed that her first attempt of shooting her son failed as nothing happened when she pulled the trigger but after fixing it she shot him in the face.

According to a criminal complaint, Bright said the teen was still moving after the first gunshot and so to end further suffering she shot him again.

Crime scene investigators found the 22-year-old in an upstairs bedroom and her brother in the basement.

Neighbour Sam Bruno told WPXI: “As far as I saw, she was always good to her kids. Her kids were always happy.

“I just feel really bad for her. I feel worse for her kids for what happened here.”

District officials posted a statement offering condolences and providing assistance to students, parents and teachers.

Transfamily of NWPA, a support group serving the transgender community of northwestern Pennsylvania, has shared a touching tribute to the teenager on Facebook.

It says: “JJ was a beautiful person with the biggest and brightest smile. We will miss your laugh. We will miss your jokes. You will never be forgotten.”

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