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Mom of 2 Dies from Rare Infection After Dog Bite


Tracy Ridout of Perth, Australia, passed away from an uncommon infection a week after being playfully bitten by a German Shepherd. The bite, which occurred while playing with her friend’s dog, seemed innocuous at the time, her daughter, Sophie Ridout, told PerthNow.

Although Tracy initially dismissed the bite, she later sought medical attention due to escalating pain. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with a rare bacterial infection, Capnocytophaga canimorsus, which quickly spread to vital organs, leading to her tragic passing after days in an induced coma.

Sophie, devastated by the sudden loss, established a GoFundMe campaign to help with medical and funeral expenses, raising over $6,000. The grief-stricken family aims to raise awareness about the bacteria and the potential risks of animal bites. “The knowledge needs to be out there,” emphasized Kieran Ridout, Tracy’s son.

Dr. Michael Page, affiliated with the Australian Medical Association, highlighted the heightened risk for those with compromised immune systems and stressed the importance of seeking medical attention for any animal bite.

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