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Long Covid victims smelling ‘unbearable’ odours like stinking fish and burnt toast

The latest research regarding covid-19 has been reported, ENT specialist Professor Nirmal Kumar claimed patients are experiencing a new symptom. Their sense of smell affected as a result of Covid-19, with some recovering only to experience parosmia.

Patients have shared their experience of bizarre smells with charity AbScent.

Prof Kumar said: “This morning I saw two patients with parosmia.

“One said they could smell fish in place of any other scent, and the other can smell burning when there is no smoke around.

“Both are healthcare workers and we think there is increased incidence in young people and also in healthcare workers because of exposure to the virus in hospitals.
For some people, it is really upsetting them.”

“We are calling it neurotropic virus,” he added. “What this means is the virus is affecting the nerves in the roof of the nose – it’s like a shock to your nervous system, and the nerves aren’t functioning.”

A banker named Daniel Saveski, 24 shared his experienced ” he caught coronavirus in March which impacted his sense of smell two weeks later”.

Still suffering from parosmia, Mr Saveski said strong-smelling things like bins now have a burning, sulphur-like odour, or smell “like toast”.

He added: “It’s lessened my enjoyment of food, and it’s a bit depressing not being able to smell certain foods.”

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