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Pictured: Horrific bruises inflicted upon woman by 23st brute who choked, punched and stamped on her

Following a brutal attack in which a 23rd thug choked, punched, and stamped on the victim, the victim was left with horrific bruises all over her body. Jessica Davies said that her 6-foot ex-partner viciously beat her while their 2-year-old kid slept in the next room, leaving her feeling “broken and worthless.”

Ms. Davies first met Thomas Parry when she was just 15 years old, and after eight years of controlling behavior, she “became convinced that he was going to kill me.” He persuaded her to return after she left her violent husband when she was 19 by saying he had changed, only for him to resume his abusive behavior.

After they had returned from her father’s 70th birthday celebration, Parry assaulted her and demanded information about her sex life with a past partner before savagely attacking her. This occurred in August of last year.

He grabbed my hair and started slamming my head against the couch, Ms. Davies told The Su. “He spat on me and stamped on me with his trainers, and I briefly lost consciousness.” The agony was so excruciating that my body became numb.

My whole body was covered with bruises and was black and blue. He struck me in the face so forcefully that my nose was covered in blood. The reflection of myself was so blurry that I hardly recognized myself. I could not move and was in excruciating pain from the way he thrashed me. I was in excruciating pain.

Despite being in agonizing discomfort, Ms. Davies reported crawling to treat her kid with Calpol when he had chickenpox in the apartment. When Parry wasn’t looking, she eventually fled the house by rushing out the door. She then showed her family the pictures of her horrific injuries, and they called the police.

One of the police officers looking into the matter broke down in tears when they viewed the photos of her injuries because they were so severe. In order to increase awareness of domestic violence, Ms. Davies has now publicly shared her tragic experience. She had also advised women to watch out for warning signs in relationships in order to keep themselves safe.

These, according to Ms. Davies, might include the controlling behaviors she encountered early on in her violent relationship, such as being cut off from friends and family, having her phone taken away, and Parry’s demands over what she could wear.

At Cardiff Crown Court in March, Parry was sentenced to four years in prison, with the first two years to be served on a license. He had 14 prior convictions, including one for common assault, the court was informed.

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