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Traditional Kitchen Ideas 2013

Traditional Kitchen Ideas

Traditional Kitchen DesignsKitchen is the best part and most important part of a house that is used for cooking and food preparation. Now kitchen is not only concerned with cooking but there are a number of changes that can be seen in the kitchens. Washing dishes, eating, storage of vegetables and other items is done in kitchen. It is considered the cleanest part of the house, and every member of the family is worried and concerned about the cleanliness of it because whatever they eat is cooked there.

Kitchen is being constructed in modern designs and people mostly prefer American kitchen styles (open kitchen styles) with a sufficient space for keeping kitchen items like crockery, microwave, refrigerator etc. But now in 2013 again the traditional kitchen designs are back because open kitchen can be a mess too. Majority of people want their kitchens to be the preservation of their cultural heritage. While updating kitchen’s look, feel, and function the most challenging thing is the preservation of its warmth.

Kitchen is often the family hub. It is that place where the female members of the family spend their most of the time while cooking, eating or washing dishes. All family members get together at the time of having meal and spend time with each other. So kitchen should be in such way that it makes sense to create a functional and beautiful space for a family to enjoy. So be creative and traditional as well. Make your kitchen a combination of modern and traditional kitchen designs. It is the best way to preserve your tradition. There is much more to traditional design that meets the eyes. It is the time to explore many elements that can fill your traditional kitchen with personality and updated style. There are some ideas about traditional kitchen in 2013. A kitchen makeover can add to the value of your home and make your cooking time efficient and enjoyable.

One of the traditional kitchen ideas 2013 is to make your kitchen floor in chess design that is black and white color. It gives a classical look to your kitchen. You can also add white upper cabinet for a traditional feel and can also add a contemporary touch of white grey lower cabinets.

Kitchen with oily and greasy smoke should have a window. This is the main advantage of open kitchen that all grease and oil stick to the household materials and make them greasy too and it would be difficult in cleaning all things. An exhaust fan also works well in a kitchen and keeps it free from smoke. Traditional kitchen idea includes two large windows in the front of kitchen that makes a kitchen airy so that all smoke can go outside.

A marble topped counter is a comfortable place for meal. Lime stone counters, apron sink and an arched wall lined with marble subway tiles speak of the classical mood and architecture of old kitchens and sculleries. A kitchen with a wooden dining table with ten to twelve chairs adds warmth to the spacious kitchen. To compliment the classical theme brown color table and chairs are best.

Glass fronted cabinets and a pale green color palette create a bright and airy atmosphere. The handles of cabinets in more traditional style look prettier as well as classical. A large table in the center of kitchen can be used to seat up to six or be used as a place for additional workplace. Painted floor and painted wood furniture lend on light and fresh feelings.

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