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Household Tips to Save Vegetables

Household Tips Save Vegetables

Household Tips Save VegetablesVegetables and fruits are best nutrition resources for staying more fit and healthy. But in this busy routine life it is quite tough to go market on daily basis to buy the vegetables. To make the kitchen life easy here are the easy households tips to save vegetables. Vegetables storage methods are not the same for all vegetables. Some of the vegetables can be stored for days, some for many weeks and some for a month.

Get here your accordingly needed household tips to save vegetables. Vegetables can be stored on kitchen counters, can be refrigerate and freeze as well.

Tips To Save Vegetables On Kitchen Counter:

Mostly vegetables can be saved on kitchen counter. Like Tomatoes, Carrots, White Radish etc. Just the household tips to save these vegetables on kitchen counter are to clean them properly and keep them in open vegetables basket. Place the vegetables basket away from sunshine but let the air cross. Also keep these vegetables basket dry.
Onion, potatoes and garlic can also be saved for several weeks. But key tip to save vegetables like onion, potatoes is keep them separate. There are very stylish 2, 3 rack vegetable baskets are available in market. You may fill one rack with onion and other one with garlic or etc.

Tips To Save Vegetables In Refrigerator:

Vegetables stay fresh for many days in refrigerator. Tips to save green leafy vegetables in refrigerator is, keep the leafy vegetables in paper bag or brown paper sheet. The paper bag or paper sheet keeps the vegetables fresh. To keep the lemons fresh for several weeks in refrigerator, grease each of the lemon with cooking oil. After greasing keep them in separate drawer or small vegetable basket. Cucumber, Chinese cabbage and other vegetables should be placed in separate dry drawer of refrigerator.

Household Tips To Freeze Vegetables:

Sometime you want to enjoy the summer vegetables and fruits in winters. To avail such enjoyment you can freeze vegetables. The household tips to save vegetables and fruits in freezer are washing them and cut in small fine pieces. It is necessary to kill the enzymes of raw vegetables, to do this, boil the water and put the raw vegetables in boiling water just for 1 to 2 minutes. Immediately remove the hot water and rinse the vegetables with chilled ice water. Now you can save the vegetables in freezer bags or boxes. Peas, fruits like mangoes, strawberries, cherries, can be saved with this method. Even raw finger chips can also be freeze for many days.

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