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Get a Vintage Living Room Decor with Stylish Cushions

Vintage Living Room Decor with Cushions

Vintage Living Room Decor Ideas

It may often happen to you that while entering your friend’s living room, these words pop out of your mouth ‘Wow, what a vintage living room!’ That’s because it’s the in thing nowadays and vintage style decorated living rooms just force these words to pop out of your mouth as they look simply WOW!

While the widely held definition of vintage is anything from over twenty years previous, half a century offers sufficient time for themes to be properly processed in terms of historical and social importance, to go out of fashion and reappear again as something fresh to a new generation.

The classic looks of yesterday are back in a big way with pre-owned and vintage themes which have already begun heating up the living rooms of many houses!

Vintage has been the buzz word in fashion, interior and media trends for a number of years now, with everything from 1950s’ dresses to 1970s’G Plan furniture making a comeback. Stylish vintage living rooms with velvet booster cushions are very popular these days. The velvet cushions add a modern twist in the vintage theme.

Color Schemes For Your Vintage Decor Living Rooms

  • Vintage Wine color is one of modern interior decorating color trend especially for living rooms. Rich and mysterious, interesting and sophisticated, with deep brown base and a touch of smoky purple, Vintage Wine color is great for stylish living room.
  • Beige, gray and light gray-green color tones coordinate well with Vintage Wine color, adding neutral accents and elegance to modern room decor. So keep these colors in mind while decorating your vintage living room.
  • Light lilac, reddish-pink, olive shades and whites emphasize richness and uniqueness of interior decorating color schemes that include Vintage Wine color.
  • Stylish Vintage Wine color can be included into modern living rooms decorating color schemes with bedding and curtains fabrics, brown-purple wallpapers stripes and velvet cushions.
  • A contemporary combination of Vintage Wine room paint colors and beautiful wallpapers with beige-brown-purple designs looks great with white and blue furniture pieces or room decorating accessories, creating comfortable and cool style for your room decorating.

Stylish Cushions Add Modern Twist In Your Vintage Decor Living Rooms:

Stylish cushions add a contemporary touch to any living space. Whether you’re looking for those finishing touches to really make your room feel complete, or just looking to make a few improvements, cushions are an ideal addition to your vintage decor living room.

Make your sofa look more inviting with stylish decorative cushions. For cushions you can add everything from the classic to the quirky, and you’ll love how your room instantly becomes both more stylish and more comfortable. Jazz up the room with stylish cushions that will give your room the wow factor it needs you’ll find something to complement any room.

So Show off stylish scatter cushions in your Vintage Decor living rooms. This season add the Wow Vintage to your living rooms.

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