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How to Install Victorian Kitchen Cabinets

Victorian Kitchen Cabinets

Victorian kitchens draw their designs from the ornate furniture styles named after Queen Victoria of England who reined from 1837 to 1901. Since then, it has been popular all over the world. Victorian kitchen cabinets look royal, elegant and give an open look to the Victorian kitchen. The installation of Victorian kitchen cabinets is not a difficult task unless we get it done by someone who knows well about the Victorian kitchens. Here, you will see how the Victorian kitchen cabinets are installed.

Victorian kitchen cabinets make us think of Mark Van Sickle (from Merillat) who is famous for installing hardware on the new semi-custom cabinets in the in restoration project house. These Victorian kitchens have a very good finishing. Victorian kitchen cabinets have three faces facing us and the fourth one is cemented in the wall.

Installation of Victorian Kitchen Cabinets:

Define Size

For installation, firstly, an architect or the proprietor has to define its size. It includes the marking of the drain pipes, water pipes, gas line and electrical will need to enter, at the back of the Victorian kitchen cabinets. Next up is the choosing of colour scheme of the Victorian kitchen cabinets that goes with the scheme of the kitchen. After this, levelling of the wall line and the cabinet of the Victorian kitchen is to be done.

Install The Cabinets

The next step is the installing the cabinets by leaving some space for the Victorian kitchen’s cabinets to slide. Attach the side cabinet panel using 3″ screws, hitting studs if possible. Then, centring of the dishwasher is done. T’s to be noted, that all these things are installed having one side to the wall. In doing so, some space is also left for the stove and some is left free.

Carve Differently

Once all the main things and their sizes are decided, the Victorian kitchen cabinets can be made extraordinary by getting them differently carved on the surface of the front side.

Victorian kitchens make our kitchen look all the more big and easy to deal with. It also gives the ladies a chance to interact with people outside the kitchen and also to watch television, when working in the kitchen.

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