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Baby Girl’s Room Decor Ideas


Baby Girls Room Decor

Look at some essential room decor ideas, themes and furniture ideas for a baby girl’s dream room.

Room decor for a baby girl can vary from the traditional pinks and frills to contemporary pastel shades and polka dots. The room decor can easily be accentuated with home furnishings like various pictures, rugs, wooden plaques, posters, lamps and several other choices.

There is actually no limit when you are tackling the fun task of room design and choosing baby girl room decor choices that you like the best. Here are some ideas for room decor to think about when decorating a baby girl’s room.

  • Mobiles

Over-the-crib mobiles don’t have to be made of plastic; you can make them yourself as well and personalize them to the chosen room decor colours and theme. For baby girls I suggest Origami cranes and butterflies, a universe of hand-knitted stars and little unicorns.

  • Painted Wood Floors

When thinking about room decor, you have to consider every detail for a baby girl. Painting a wood floor a single light color brings an element of tranquility to the room decor. The checkerboard pattern is a playful look that works as well in a baby girl’s space. Instead of using black and white, choose light colors and keep the room decor feeling serene.

  • One-of-a-Kind Lamps

Every baby girl’s room needs at least one source of soft light. One way to make this home furnishings element a focal point is by creating or buying the lampshade specifically for the space. Stick to your chosen theme and colours of the room decor.

  • Murals

I think murals and cut outs of shapes add a beautiful vision in a baby girl’s room decor. Accent one wall with a mural or pictures and you can paint it yourself or buy store bough shapes and pictures to add to the room decor.

  • Seating

For room furniture, consider feeding time, sleeping in the nursery through the night as you need comfort too! So daybeds, chaise lounges, extra-wide overstuffed chairs and vintage upholstered chairs are making their way into children’s room decor. Don’t forget the rocking chair for simple room decor beauty.

I leave you with some of my favourite themed ideas on home and living for a baby girl’s room:

  1. Princess
  2. Rainbows
  3. Butterflies
  4. Polka dots
  5. Patchwork country
  6. Ladybugs
  7. Jungle animals
  8. Stars
  9. Hello Kitty
  10. Vintage 1920’s
  11. Floral
  12. Teddy bears
  13. Unicorns and horses

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