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The magical allure of Candle

The magical allure of Candle

The little flame of candle fluttering with subtle soft motions evokes an aura of tranquility, reflection and ultimate romance. We associate candles with the most intense emotions and experiences in our lives, from love to religion, from celebrations to grief, from a simple wish of an innocent child in front of a lighted candle to a grand vigil, its little flame guides us like a firefly in the dark.

Since centuries candle and romance are linked to each other because it creates an enchantically romantic atmosphere of intimacy among the people basking in its glow. Lightning the entire room with dim lights of candles can give your room an ultimate romantic look. The golden hue of its little flame creates an ambiance of mystery filled with dreamy romance of youthful love.

Candles containing blends of essential oils can amazingly evoke romantic sensations in entire body. Candles in shades of red or pink, and scents of rose, jasmine, vanilla or gardenia are ideal for a romantic dinner. The aroma reaches up to your love hormones and makes you feel being in love kinda feeling, it can also increase passion and affection between the two person inhaling and watching the little flame burning.

If you want to create a sense of serenity, there is no better way than watching little flames floating on water. Watching the fire and water in an entrancing dance of impossibility is very relaxing and calming way to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. These little candles come in myriads of colors, shapes and aromas, plus some scattered rose petals floating on water would create extra sensual effects.

Go dig out a candle right now, create your personal love-filled shrine, strike up a flame, absorb all the romantic auras and indulge yourself into the magical allure of candles!

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