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Rekindle the flame of Passion

Imagine the time when you met first time, your eyes filled with joy, your heart filled with love, your arms ready to melt in a hug and soul filled with passion so strong so intense that the whole world use to go blur in his arms. But now that semi god that you started dating years ago is just a plain old man sitting in front of the television set instead of  grabbing you for a passionate kiss when you enter the room. The flame of passion that burned years ago seems to quench making way for boredom and anxiety.

To bring passion back in your relationship, you will have to light your inner soul with the zesty spirit of youthful days. Get out of your daily routine and plan something new with the whole new frisk of young spirit. The passion dies in your relation when it dies inside you. When was the last time you surprised your man with some sexy lingerie before going to bed? When did you two had a playful water fight? When was the last time you decided to cook together or had a romantic candle light shower together? These are the little things that we often ignore but believe me these little things are the keys to bring passion back to your relationship.

Be a Sex goddess

Your man might be bored of same old fragrance of your body, its better to change your perfume the next time you buy it. A newer fragrance will bring a newer sexual sensation that your man will love.

Rekindle the romance with the addition of some new sexy and charming lingerie in your wardrobe. Above all a striptease is highly recommended if you want to make your man go crazy with desire.


Creativity is the essence of life and so is passion. Creativity makes you come up with novel ideas. It is your butterfly like fluttering spirit that enables you to create something right out of your imagination. So put your creative hat on and introduce some sizzling exotic food in your romance. Add a bit of chocolate syrup and fresh cherries in your romantic night. The exquisite fragrance of olive oil and sweet peppers can add tons of sizzle and spark in your bed.

Introduce and create some bedroom games. For example, a blindfold romantic game can add sparks in your love life. You can even have fun with old pillow fight or water fight.

Surprise them with little sweet things every day. Like making a bed of roses for them, or surprise them with romantic self made dinner.

Focus on giving pleasure

Men love it when their ladies give them real sexual pleasure, they love it when you show them your wildest side, so don’t be shy and show them the real wild catty inside you. High heels and long alluring nails when scratch with their back give them real hot sensations.  Give them a hot choco and champagne massage after their long tiring day.


A little heart to heart communication can really spark up the passion in your relationship, talk to each other, share you dreams and fantasies, try to explore a side of your partner that you never believed it existed. Explore the nature together and share your feelings, sink into the mysterious pleasure of sea and watch sunset together or go for a romantic boat  ride.

It is believed and proved scientifically that full moon heightens your desires and emotions. Watching full moon together in your little balcony can magically re bloom the long gone old passion.

These are the little things that can bring back the magical excitement of younger days, if your bored in a relationship, refrain from changing the partner rather analyze your situation and work together to bring a new ray of romance and passion.

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