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Girl, 4, has 40 stitches after bulldog mauling as hero mum ‘kicked and punched’ beast

Girl, 4, has 40 stitches after bulldog mauling
(Image: Amy Hobson)

A dog with its teeth clamped around the face of a mother’s 4-year-old kid was left as the target of the mother’s kicks and punches. The child Luna-Ann Forsyth, who had 40 stitches after being mauled by an American Bulldog beast, had to be dragged away by her mother Amy Hobson, 32.

The child reportedly underwent reconstructive surgery to treat the injuries she sustained after the beast bit her face at a friend’s house, according to The Mirror. After hearing from her mother Amy that it would be many hours before an ambulance was available, Luna-Ann immediately made her way to A&E. She was transported there in the back of a cab.

Doctors believe Luna-Ann will have lifelong scars on her face after undergoing a two-hour operation, 40 stitches, and cosmetic surgery. When asked about the terrifying occurrence by The Mirror, Amy stated: “My daughter Luna called the dog’s name so she could fuss him like she normally does when it came up to me and I did the same when it came to him.

“She was thrown to the ground when he grabbed her by the face. While I kicked and punched the dog to get him off her, I also picked up my child off the floor and immediately dialed 999. Amy had to choose between taking a taxi to the accident and emergency and waiting for emergency personnel to reach the mother and daughter.

Since then, Amy has criticized the dog’s owner, stating that “we are no longer friends” since “she hid the dog from the authorities for nearly 24 hours after the incident happened.”

After spending a few days in the hospital, Luna-Ann was thankfully released and sent home safely. Amy said that Luna-Ann is “still smiling” about the trauma, which left her with cuts that will take a year to heal, according to the doctors. The dog that attacked Luna-Ann and caused her injuries has since been confiscated and destroyed, according to the police, who are still investigating the incident.

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