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2nd Victim Dies in Family Murder-Suicide Allegedly Witnessed by 8 Children Hiding in a Van

2nd Victim Dies in Family Murder-Suicide
Kristy Macamolli/Facebook, Chris Smith/Facebook

A tragic incident unfolded on May 18, resulting in the devastating loss of lives within a family. Christopher Smith, 51, allegedly carried out a murder-suicide in the Piper neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. The victims were identified as his wife, Penny Smith, 50, and her daughter, Kristy C. Thow, 29.

The incident took place in front of several children who were inside a van parked near the home, as reported by Fox 4 KC. Upon receiving a report of gunshots, the Kansas City Police Department responded to the scene. The authorities discovered what they believe to be a murder-suicide.

At the time of the police’s arrival, Kristy Thow, Penny Smith, and another woman, later identified as Yuna Thow on social media, were found outside the residence with critical injuries. They were rushed to a local hospital, where Kristy Thow tragically succumbed to her injuries. On Monday, it was announced that Penny Smith had also passed away due to her injuries. Christopher Smith was discovered deceased inside the house on Thursday evening.

According to Melissa Dennis, Penny Smith’s sister, who organized a GoFundMe page, Christopher Smith was described as a “crazed domestic abuser.” Melissa Dennis praised her sister and niece, acknowledging Kristy Thow’s bravery in protecting her family members during the attack. She mentioned that Penny Smith’s younger sister and Kristy Thow’s sister were currently fighting for their lives in the hospital.

Melissa Dennis, who identified herself as the fourth victim of the shooting, assured concerned individuals on Facebook that she was recovering. She expressed her gratitude for the support and requested patience as she grieved and focused on her recovery.

Steven Dennis, Kristy Thow’s uncle, shared his belief that Kristy had heroically shielded her sister from the gunfire, sacrificing her own life in the process. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that all the children involved in the tragedy receive the care and support they deserve.

In a haunting coincidence, Penny Smith’s final public Facebook post on May 18 was a video featuring Lady Gaga’s song “Always Remember Us This Way,” published just hours before the shooting occurred.

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