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Kim Kardashian says her time with Kanye West was “beautiful,” but she can’t “help people who don’t want help”

Kim Kardashian Explains Pregnant With Child North
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Kim Kardashian is thinking about her relationship with Kanye West. During an interview on the latest episode of the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast on Monday, the SKIMS founder shared that she is in a “very good place” and that the people in her life are “really solid.”

“Something I learned is that you cannot help people that don’t want the help,” Kardashian said. “You can’t force your beliefs and project that on someone that thinks something totally different.”

While Kardashian did not directly mention West, she did speak further about having opposing ideas with people from her past/

“It’s okay to have those different views. It’s why the world goes round,” she shared. “But if you don’t align in the same values and morals and things at your core, then it’s okay to realize that this life is so short, and you should go and find the people that do align with what you really believe in.”

“Those are some of the things that I would teach my kids when they’re looking for friends and partners and relationships,” she continued. “You can’t really force things upon other people. You can’t expect them to be where you’re at, at your level.”

Kardashian said sometimes the differences can “coexist really well. But then sometimes, it really can’t.”

“Sometimes I feel like people think that if a relationship doesn’t work out that it’s a failure, but I don’t really look at it like that 15 years together, 10 years. That’s not a failure. That is so beautiful,” she added.

The ex-couple started dating in 2012, married in 2014 and filed for divorce in 2021 after having four children together (North West, 9, Saint West, 7, Chicago West, 5, and Psalm West, 4).

The divorce was completed in November after the couple reached an agreement on child custody and property.

The former couple agreed to share joint physical and legal custody of their four children and renounced spousal support, according to divorce paperwork obtained by PEOPLE earlier.

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