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Evidence Shows Woman Purchased Rope She Allegedly Was Tied With; Accusations of Faking Assault to Obtain Free STD Test

Renee Dawn Skoglund
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

A woman from South Dakota, Renee Dawn Skoglund, has admitted to falsely reporting a rape incident that purportedly took place in Florida. The 30-year-old faced arrest in Sioux Falls on March 10, merely days after reporting the alleged assault in Hillsborough County.

She was accused of manipulating evidence, falsely notifying authorities of a crime and inappropriate use of the 911 emergency system.

On the 911 call that the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office made public, Skoglund described halting her vehicle on I-75 because of mechanical issues. She alleged that a man approached her, covered her head with a cloth, bound her using a rope, and assaulted her in her car.

Upon detailing the specific rope used in the described attack, authorities discerned that such a product was available at local Walmart stores. Subsequent investigations led to the discovery of surveillance footage capturing Skoglund purchasing that exact rope.

Additional video evidence from several locations Skoglund visited around the alleged incident timeline contradicted her initial claims. “Upon reviewing the evidence, Mrs. Skoglund tried to modify her story, but eventually conceded to crafting the entire episode,” the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office commented.

It’s speculated that Skoglund fabricated this incident with the motive of obtaining a free STD test, as reported by FOX 13 Tampa Bay, especially considering she was married during this period. Prosecutor Jessica Couvertier pointed out in court that Skoglund “engaged in consensual relations with someone in Hillsborough County and later felt remorse due to her marital status. Her aim was to get medically evaluated for possible sexually transmitted infections.”

Sheriff Chad Chronister expressed his dismay in a prior press release, emphasizing the seriousness of such misleading claims and the potential implications for genuine victims in need of immediate help.

FOX 13 indicated that Skoglund has been sentenced to a two-year community control and an eight-year probationary period. She has been directed to reimburse the sheriff’s office $17,245.26 for the resources expended during the investigation into her false claim.

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